• The platform has a team of more than 100 people and a storage capacity of over 15,000 square metres
  • For national and international wholesale, e-commerce and retail customers

BERGÉ consolidates its logistics solutions and operations (product distribution and delivery), transport and the “last mile” for the end consumer, exceeding a total of 6 million orders per year. These orders are managed by its platforms in Madrid and Catalonia, for national and international e-commerce, retail and wholesale operators and chains.

Specifically, this service reaches an average management capacity of 16,000 orders/parcels per day and 160 daily distribution and delivery routes, all managed by a team of 100 professionals, a fleet of more than one hundred delivery vans and 15,000 square metres of warehouses.

BERGÉ also provides innovative management systems based on logistics 4.0 for effective and efficient management of all processes regarding reception, consolidation, cross-docking, order and kit preparation, shipping, and distribution to the end consumer through a consolidated and audited LEAN management system.

BERGÉ’s logistics solutions enable its clients to supply the shelves of their physical stores and supermarkets while also meeting their end consumers’ demands through online sales.

In doing so, BERGÉ reinforces its strategic positioning as a logistics operator based on its extensive experience and wide-ranging capacity to offer logistics services and solutions along all phases of the supply chain, no matter what sector the client operates in.

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