Whistleblowing and Queries Channel

The Whistleblowing and Queries Channel is available to all people linked to the activity of Bergé for informing of any actions or omissions regarding the behaviour of other members of the Organisation that may be in breach of internal regulations or current legislation; that may represent a serious or very serious administrative offence; that may constitute a criminal offence; or that may represent a breach of European Union laws regarding their financial interests or that affect the internal market.

All communications made via the Whistleblowing and Queries Channel must be done in good faith and the details provided must at all times be truthful. Bergé’s Corporate Compliance Committee shall pursue all cases of unlawful, false and defamatory information and complaints, as well as those done in bad faith.

Once information is provided or a complaint is filed, communication with the case investigator is made via the secure communications inbox located in the options menu, which enables us to guarantee the confidentiality of the communications made and the anonymity of the informant or complainant when they choose not to identify themselves.

It is possible to send any text, audio and image files that may be relevant to the case via the form in order to facilitate the process and aid the investigation into the events subject to the complaint. In order to guarantee the anonymity of informants and complainants, the recording system uses a voice distorter.

In addition, informants are made aware of their right to choose to report information or file the complaint either via the current internal channel or via an external channel with a range of jurisdictions within Spain (the National Independent Informant Protection Authority, the Andalusian Anti-Fraud and Corruption Office, the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, the Catalan Anti-Fraud Office, the Balearic Islands’ Prevention and Anti-Fraud Office, and the Navarran Good Practices and Anti-Corruption Office).