• The show-piece event in this sector starts today in Rotterdam.
  • Wind energy, photovoltaic plants and rail freight – sectors which show the most potential

BERGÉ will be pushing automation and digitalization for more efficient operations as it visits Breakbulk Europe which starts today in Rotterdam.

BERGÉ has also identified wind energy and photovoltaic plants as the most relevant sectors at a time when we are searching for alternative energy sources. It also forecasts a boom in rail transport given the trend towards high-speed railways and the large amount of funds being invested in them.

BERGÉ offers multi-modal options for connecting cargo from Spanish ports to the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, North America, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, South America, India and all of South-east Asia, including Oceania.

These form part of the wide range of destinations and sectors covered by BERGÉ, regardless of the type of goods, from containerized or rolled cargo, to general cargo, project cargo, and any other high and heavy or oversized cargo.

BERGÉ is capable of adapting to client needs and offering international transport services to any sector, in particular those which have recently been more active, being highly specialized in offshore wind turbines, energy and railways, among others.

It does all of this with thorough knowledge of the markets, a vast commercial network, and highly experienced personnel to adapt the service to the particular needs of the cargo.