*** It will involve managing, on an annual basis, 160,000 imported and exported Renault and Nissan vehicles at the port of Santander over the next three years.

*** The first operation begins on 5 April with the port of call of the “Nordic Ace” vessel.

Santander, April 2017.- The shipping company EURO MARINE LOGISTICS-EML (www.euro-marine.eu), with headquarters in Brussels, has awarded Bergé (www.bisl.es) the contract to manage its vehicle stevedoring services at the port of Santander, essentially for Renault and Nissan vehicles. For Bergé, this contract entails the operation of an estimated volume of 160,000 new imported and exported vehicles per year, for the period 2017-2019.

This recovery of traffic can be added to that which Bergé manages, through its Port Operations business unit, alongside other shipowners and consolidates its position in the handling and management of vehicles and Ro-Ro cargo in Santander, with a volume of over 400,000 units per year.
EML is one of the main shipowners operating at the Port of Santander, specialising in the short sea shipping of vehicles and other Ro-Ro cargo.

Therefore, in the first week in April, EML will launch its regular “Biscay Trade” service which joins the ports of Santander, Zeebrugge, Le Havre and Southampton with a port of call every four days. The full rotation will take eight days. From Zeebrugge, it can connect with the “Scan Trade” service, which links this port with other areas in Scandinavia (Esjberg, Drammen and Gothenburg) and with the “Baltic Trade” connecting to the ports of Hanko (Finland) and St. Petersburg (Russia), also operated by this shipping company.

Bergé (www.bisl.es) as an operator specialising in comprehensive vehicle logistics services, through its port terminals, operates over 1 million cars and carries out both stevedoring operations and storage in the customs bonded area, as well as other value-added operations in its Logistics Centres (workshop, painting, PDI, etc.).