• • With this move, both companies build on their collaboration following the agreement announced this past August at the Port of Tarragona.
  • • As a result of this expansion, BERGÉ will be responsible for managing one million tonnes of steel goods between the two ports.

BERGÉ is to manage the logistics for the CELSA Group at the Port of Bayonne, expected to move an estimated 650,000 tonnes of goods each year for the Spanish steel multinational.

This agreement further strengthens the alliance between BERGÉ and CELSA, building on the agreement signed by the two this summer for BERGÉ to manage the firm’s export traffic from its plant in Castellbisbal (Barcelona) at the Port of Tarragona. All told, BERGÉ will be responsible for handling one million tonnes of goods for this client between these two ports.

This partnership sees BERGÉ double down on its commitment to the steel industry, a deeply rooted driving force for the local economy in the Basque Country – on both the French and Spanish sides of the border – in which the Port of Bayonne plays a pivotal role.

In fact, CELSA is one of the two leading companies in this sector that operate at the French port, which combined are responsible for almost half of the 2.5 million tonnes of goods that pass through its docks each year.

In the steel industry, BERGÉ oversees the entire value chain, from consignment, stevedoring and port management to storage, transport and value-added logistics. This enables it to streamline the handling of goods by managing raw materials and finished products alike, such as coils, profiles, wire rod and industrial sheet steel, among others.

In all, the company controls five million tonnes of steel products each year across 26 ports throughout Spain and one in France (Bayonne), making its extensive transport network, storage capacity and localised expert service available to its clients wherever they are.