The Norwegian shipping company Wallenius Wilhemsen has chosen BERGÉ as its shipping agent for Spain, with more than one hundred port calls planned per year.

In this way, both companies deepen their business ties, given that BERGÉ was already acting as a shipping agent for Eukor Car Carriers at the ports of Barcelona and Tarragona, as well as a stevedoring services provider at the ports of Vigo, Santander, Tarragona and Sagunto.

As of 1 January, BERGÉ will extend its services not only to Eukor Car Carriers, but also to Wallenius Wilhemsen Ocean and ARC. And it will therefore extend its geographical coverage since, in addition to the two ports mentioned in Catalonia, the ports of Vigo, Santander, Sagunto and Rota will be added.

The Wallenius Wilhemsen Ocean, Eukor and ARC fleet consists of 130 vessels operating along 15 routes on six continents, with over 8,000 port calls per year and some 4.5 million vehicles transported annually. It has its own distribution network, 70 processing centres for vehicles and high & heavy goods, with over 7 million vehicles and 200,000 machines processed, and 11 of its own sea terminals.

BERGÉ provides service for thousands of vessels per year at 26 Spanish ports. As a shipping agent, it plans, organises and coordinates all the services a ship needs before, during and after port calls, providing operational efficiency and all the knowledge gained from 150 years of experience, as shipping services is one of the areas based on which the company was founded.

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