• It is run by Professor Carlos A. Pérez Labajos and will begin on 6 October in the Bergé lecture hall at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Náutica [Higher Technical Nautical College] in Santander.
  • The pre-enrolment period is open until 14 September on the website http://web.unican.es/unidades/gestion-academica/contacta-con-nosotros.
  • It will be taught in one academic year with a study load of 1,500 hours and will have a high number of credits based on internships in companies in the sector.

Santander, 15 July 2017.- The University of Cantabria (http://web.unican.es/), in close collaboration with Bergé, (www.bergelogistics.com) has recently launched the new Master’s Degree in Maritime Business and Associated Logistics, commencing on 6 October at the start of the academic year. This is a pioneering initiative and the first of its kind in the sector, promoted by a public university and a private company.

The new Master’s Degree is led by the Professor and Merchant Navy Captain, Carlos Ángel Pérez Labajos, and will be taught in the Bergé lecture hall at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Náutica (Higher Technical Nautical College) in Santander. It will have a total study load of 1,500 hours in 60 credits (17.88 theory credits and 42.12 practical credits) and in this first edition, the Master’s Degree will only have 21 places available to meet the quality and rigorous selection criteria that the programme aims to fulfil.

The aim is to train professionals based on the real needs of companies in the sector and the business world, for students to know all about the latest innovations and be able to find the best technical solutions for problems related to maritime business and logistics.

The programme, which covers a wide range of subjects related to maritime business and logistics, has been developed by experts at Bergé with the support of the University lecturers and professionals in the sector. Teachers that have contributed an academic and technical perspective, in addition to a practical viewpoint applied to the business world, and in which students from different professional areas can take part.

This new educational programme provides an opportunity for both professionals in the sector who would like to update their knowledge and for young people who are embarking on their professional career or recent graduates, offering a degree with high academic merit in a professional field where the specialist training offered is lacking in programmes of this calibre.

As a University of Cantabria own degree, the Master’s Degree is offered with a modular framework, where students can enrol separately in each of the two Expert Programmes it is comprised of in different academic years, or in the full Master’s Degree. With regards to the Expert Programmes, the first will focus on the area of “Shipping” and the second on “Port Operations”, which have been taught by the UC for 10 years now. The selection criteria will depend upon applicants’ CVs, the academic transcript presented and the personal interview they have with the teaching staff.

The pre-enrolment period is open until 14 September and the enrolment period will be open from 22 to 29 September 2017. The academic year will get underway on 6 October 2017 and run until December 2018 (including project and internship). The enrolment fee for the “University Master’s Degree” is €4,000, with each of the two academic years for the “University Expert Programme” costing €2,000. In addition, there is a programme with 10 grants that cover 75% of the enrolment cost.

The University of Cantabria (http://web.unican.es/) was built in 1972 and, prior to this date, there were already independent schools that later became part of the University. This is the case of the Escuela de Comercio y Náutica [Business and Nautical School] (currently the Escuela Técnica Superior de Náutica [Higher Technical Nautical College]) created in 1829, which was a pioneer in higher education studies in Cantabria. This experience has consolidated the UC as a leading centre in the maritime sector.
Bergé (www.bergelogistics.com) is a leading operator regarding logistics, port and maritime services, which integrates the whole supply chain to facilitate the global transport of goods. It is the market leader in Spain and is working on a major international expansion plan, already operating in Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Panama. It has an extensive operational, technical and human structure, specialising in different areas: port operations, integrated vehicle logistics, value-added logistics and shipping. Moreover, it is supported by a large business group; Bergé y Cía founded in 1870. Today it is a diversified holding company, operating in 11 countries and providing employment to over 4,000 people.


  • Programme: University Master’s Degree in Management of Maritime Business and Associated Logistics (2017)
  • Management: Carlos Ángel Pérez Labajos. UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR.
  • Total study load: 1500 hours (60.00 Cr.: 17.88 theory cr. and 42.12 practical cr.)
  • Places: 21
  • Admission profile: PhD, Engineer, Technical Engineer, Diploma holder, Graduate, Official Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree holders
  • Selection criteria: According to CV, Academic Transcript and Personal Interview
  • Documents required: Photocopy of national identity document; Certified photocopy of degree; Academic Certification and Curriculum Vitae
  • Pre-enrolment period: From 15/06/2017 to 14/09/2017
  • Enrolment period: From 22/09/2017 to 29/09/2017
  • Duration of academic year: From 06/10/2017 to 31/12/2018
  • Enrolment fee: € 4,000
  • Grants: 10 grants for 75% of the enrolment fee.

For further information and programme details:

  • Visit the website: HERE
  • Email: gestion.academica@unican.es
  • Telephone: +34 942 20 10 37 | 942 20 11 09
  • At the university: University of Cantabria. Casa del Estudiante (Torre C, Planta 1), Avenida Los Castros s/n. 39005 Santander