The Board of Directors of the Port of Barcelona has approved to move the Port Nou Terminal, managed by BERGÉ, from the Adosado quay to the Príncipe de España quay. The move will be carried out this year and will complete the planning of the Adosado quay in order to concentrate passenger traffic there.

he agreement reached between the Port of Barcelona and the Port Nou Terminal will make it possible to fulfil the agreement reached with Barcelona City Council in January 2018 limiting international cruise terminals to a maximum of 7, grouping them all together in the Adosado quay and, thus, freeing up the spaces at the Barcelona quay (World Trade Center) for public and citizen use.

BERGÉ has the only multi-purpose terminal in Barcelona (Port Nou Terminal) with the capacity to handle any type of goods: containers, vehicles, semi-trailers, conventional goods, special parts, etc.

At the Port Nou Terminal, BERGÉ offers services to the main shipping and cruise lines. In order to handle goods and special equipment, this terminal has different technical resources such as STS (ship to shore) cranes, mobile cranes, reach-stackers, RTG units for containers, tractor heads and platforms.