This weekend, BERGÉ completed one of the most difficult and significant operations carried out in the Pasaia Port through its company Sobrinos de Manuel Cámara, by managing the care and loading of the Federal Margaree bulk carrier, measuring 185 metres, the maximum length allowed in this port.

Bergé carried out the operation loading 17,000 tonnes of steel beams produced in the ArcelorMittal factory in Olaberria (a client and partner of Sobrinos de Manuel Cámara) in just 4 and a half days.

To load the ship, BERGÉ employed up to three cranes working simultaneously to stow the goods as quickly as possible so that the carrier could set sail for North America according to schedule.

BERGÉ is a specialist in handling steel products and manages more than 4.5 million tonnes per year in its 26 Spanish ports, with the Pasaia Port being one of its main areas for managing these goods.

This type of operation showcases BERGÉ’s ability to adapt to the even the most demanding of requirements by its clients. The “BERGÉ Management System” monitors and guarantees compliance with standards of quality, environmental care, and health and safety at work, thanks to comprehensive monitoring of KPIs to be able to offer the best possible service.