Sergusa, BERGÉ’s customs representative, has obtained the maximum certification as Authorised Economic Operator – Full (OEAF). This authorisation certifies that the company meets all the requirements on issues of customs simplifications, security and safety, required by the European Union (EU) according to the new Union Customs Code.

The Authorised Economic Operators can hold two types of different but combined certifications (AEOC, regarding customs simplifications; AEOS, relating to security and safety; and AEOF, which is a combination of the previous two). Sergusa already had the AEOC Authorisation since 2012 and, aware of the quality guarantees this recognition provides, it has worked hard to obtain the full authorisation, AEOF.

The customs area of BERGÉ, with 150 years’ experience in customs management and a team of more than 30 customs professionals, customs representatives, auditors under the TAPA requirements (transported asset protection) and private security managers, handles around 34,000 cases every year in Spain, as well as managing customs warehouses, other warehouses, authorised facilities for export goods (LAME in Spanish) and temporary storage facilities.

Now, under the new requirements of the Union Customs Code, and with its wide experience as Customs Representative, the company has been able to get involved in training and consulting in this area. These new activities are in addition to the services of Customs representative, transport operator, AEO consultancy and advice in foreign trade.

In this way, SERGUSA, BERGÉ’s customs representative, becomes one of the leading AEO Consultants on a national level, given its presence throughout the peninsula, its team of specialised personnel, and also its proximity and quality advice in this field. For this, SERGUSA has designed a consultancy and training programme for obtaining the AEO certification and its subsequent maintenance. This programme has already been successfully launched and has large export and import manufacturers on-board from such important sectors as steel, chemical or industrial, in addition to logistics groups and port terminals.

The fact that the EU considers those who fulfil the requirements set out in the AEO to be a guarantee for the international supply chain means that this title is gaining more significance. Already in 2017, the number of Authorised Economic Operators in Europe was more than 15,000, while in Spain, there were around 700 registered.

BERGÉ is deeply involved in this new European requirement, having achieved the AEO certification for several of its companies (BERGÉ Automotive Logistics, Agencia Marítima Condeminas, SERGUSA, Agencia Marítima Condeminas Bilbao, BERGÉ Project Cargo, Servicios Logísticos del Prat) and started the process for all companies which have a port terminal.