The company Sobrinos de M. Cámara, S.A., in which both ArcelorMittal and BERGÉ have a 50% stake, has been chosen to operate four new warehouses at Pasaia Port in the awarding of the tender put out by the Port Authority.

These new facilities will be mostly used for bulk agricultural produce (wheat, oats and rapeseed meal, among others). With a surface area of 7,000 m2 and a trafficable roof, these new warehouses are in addition to the 23,000 m2 covered area that the company Sobrinos de M. Cámara already boasts in the port area, and the 64,000 m2 open-air storage areas for other types of industrial goods.

These facilities are located in the “La Herrera” part of Pasaia Port, which is a 6.5-hectare port logistics area in which old industrial units are being replaced by new warehouses thanks to a combination of public and private investment.

The design of these facilities is a clear example of the commitment to the sustainable development of port activity and the control and monitoring of the impact they have as, thanks to the design of the warehouse roofs, the public will be able to walk across them, thereby connecting two densely populated areas.

Further supporting this sustainability initiative, S. M. Cámara will install thermographic cameras in the warehouses to ensure the goods are stored in the best possible conditions. The company will also add mesh along the whole roof of the warehouse to prevent birds from nesting and consequently being affected by the warehouse storage activities.

S.M. Cámara has the best technical and professional means at Pasaia Port for handling the logistics of all types of goods. It offers stowage, loading and discharge, customs management and warehousing services, handling over 1.4 million tonnes per year and meeting the strictest health and safety, quality and environmental standards (ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001). It also holds the certifications GTP (Good Trading Practices) according to the European code of good business practices, GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ENEEK, awarded by the Basque Council for Organic Agriculture and Food.