“K” Line, represented in Spain by BERGÉ, loaded a part weighing 120 tonnes onto the Polaris Highway vessel in the Port of Barcelona this week. This is a milestone for “K” Line Car Carrier, as the heaviest part ever loaded onto one of its RoRo vessels since it was established in 1970.

BERGÉ, as the agent, performed important work as the liaison between the “K” Line technical departments, the terminal and the customer, thus ensuring that the part was handled and loaded correctly.

“K” Line Car Carrier vessels are particularly high capacity, with a beam of 37.5 metres, stern doors that are 12 metres wide and 5.80 metres high for loading cargo and a ramp length of 44 metres and 150 tonnes. These new vessels make loading and discharge of heavy and oversized elements much easier, while also streamlining operations and increasing safety because wheeled platforms are used to handle the cargo.

This service runs every two weeks from Barcelona, covering the ports of Bremerhaven, Zeebrugge and Southampton, bound for the east coast of the USA and Mexico and also offering other destinations in Asia, America and Oceania.