The following departures from the Cantabrian port will be on 20 July, bound for Asia

“K” Line Car Carrier will increase its visits to the Port of Santander with the arrival of Eurasia Highway on 20 July. Its arrival will come shortly after another a few weeks earlier by the latest generation car carrier, Sirius Highway and will signal the Japanese carrier, represented exclusively by BERGÉ, starting to resume its scheduled visits to Spain throughout the year – a return to normality after the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The port of Barcelona is also scheduled bound for the East Coast of the United States and the Gulf of Mexico.

“K” Line Car Carrier is committed to introducing its series of latest generation vessels to its routes which regularly stop in Spanish ports, such as the abovementioned Sirius Highway in Santander, which has greater capacity and improved operational efficiency. This series also stands out for its bigger dimensions; the vessels are up to 20% wider with 50% wider entrances for loading goods and 20% longer ramps. The shipping company also plans to introduce its new line of vessels fuelled by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) at the end of the year. This gas is the cleanest and most sustainable way of propelling the large ships and cruise liners that travel the world’s oceans.

All this will provide Spanish companies from all sectors and activities even more business opportunities for Ro-Ro cargo with very competitive transits to the main economic destinations in Asia and the United States.

The final destination of the calls made by “K” Line Car Carrier ships to the Asian market will be ports in Singapore, Taipei, Kobe, Chiba and Toyohashi. They will also connect Singapore to the ports in Jakarta (Indonesia), Laem Chabang (Thailand), Batangas and Bauan (Philippines), Port Klang (Malaysia), Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), Ennore (India), Hambantota (Sri Lanka), Port Kembla, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle (Australia).

In terms of routes towards the East Coast of America, “K” Line Carrier connects Europe with the ports of Baltimore, Jacksonville and Galveston (United States) and Altamira and Veracruz (Mexico).