• The shipping company, run by BERGÉ in Spain, operates as a regular shipping line service for all types of project cargo and rolled machinery.

The Japanese shipping company, “K” Line Car Carrier, represented in Spain by BERGÉ, has just added a new vessel to its fleet. The ship in question is the Niagara Highway. The addition of this Post-Panamax series now means that the company has 93 vessels at its disposal for all types of cargo.

The new Niagara Highway is able to transport 7,500 vehicles and all kinds of heavy rolled cargo and industrial machinery for different sectors such as agriculture (tractors, harvesters); construction and civil works (tunnel boring machines, lorries, cranes, mobile concrete mixers); and rail (locomotives and carriages); among others. In addition, it is able to transport any type of goods, in particular oversized (Project Cargo) by using Roll Trailer-type trailers and platforms (40’, 62’, 72’ and 90’ Mafi), with ramps of up to 150 Tn and a maximum height of 5.80 m.

BERGÉ exclusively represents the “K” Line Car Carrier cargo service in Spain and covers the most important ports in Northern Europe, the East Coast of America, the Gulf of Mexico, and South-East Asia. The service from Barcelona runs every fortnight and services from Santander, Pasajes and Vigo go every week. The possibility also exists of managing any type of Cross Trades from any port.