His Majesty King Felipe VI has today welcomed the Board of Directors of Bergé y Compañía to Zarzuela Palace to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary. These celebrations to mark this important date were cancelled last year due to the pandemic, which made the event and the milestone itself even more special and magnificent.

As Jaime Gorbeña, Chairman of Bergé y Compañía, said in his speech before the King: “We were founded in 1870 as a ship consignee company at the port of Bilbao. Today we are an international leader in the mobility sector. Our logistics division moves goods, while our automobile company moves people. Over the last 150 years, we have helped to load and unload Spanish industry and we operate in almost all Spanish ports.”

The Board of Directors of Bergé y Compañía comprises three business families that have had, over six generations, the expertise to overcome, with successes and failures, the numerous challenges faced over the 150 years. In the words of Jaime Gorbeña, that has particularly been possible thanks to: “all the people whom have contributed to its development and whom we pay a well-deserved tribute to at this event. We have stood by our principles of commitment, trust and initiative. 150 years of always looking towards the future.”