• The service offer of BERGÉ presently covers a large number of regular shipping lines specialising in various kinds of cargo, such as containers, isotanks, ro-ro cargo, conventional cargo, bulk, project and heavy-lift etc. according to all kinds of frequencies and based on international coverage.

BERGÉ, a benchmark logistics operator, has presented to the leading freight forwarders the various regular shipping line services with which the group currently works through a range of companies from its shipping field. Lines covering the whole spectrum of cargo possibilities handle containers, including isotanks, ro-ro cargo, conventional cargo, industrial bulk and agri-food products, project and heavy-lift cargo and reach any destination in the world.

In this regard, the portfolio of BERGÉ will be boosted by the services of FINNLINES (Grimaldi Group) from Bilbao and bound for the whole continent of Europe and the Baltic sea. FINNLINES covers all manner of cargo from Bilbao bound for ports in Belgium, the UK, Finland, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Rostock or Gothenburg in Sweden.

Likewise, SLOMAN NEPTUN is also added to this offer with BERGÉ acting as its agent in Spain (except for Cartagena). With its three multi-purpose vessels with ramp and cranes, it will cover all countries in North Africa such as Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, with regular stops.

These two shipowners therefore join the other services handled by BERGÉ such as GRIMALDI, KLINE, BREADBOX, ECL, HONGFA SHIPPING, ACL, SCI, EMPROS LINE, ONEGO, BULKHAUL, TRIFLEET and BAHRI. The company provides its customers with regular shipping transport services based on its capacity to perform multiple stops, its flexibility, its experience, its solvency and its competitiveness. BERGÉ, active in 26 ports throughout Spain, integrates the entire value chain to transport and facilitate the movement of goods and products all over the world, with weekly and monthly services.

By adding FINNLINES and SLOMAN NEPTUN to its portfolio, BERGÉ is seeking to provide its customers with advantages that sets it apart from its competitors, by increasing the number of services and the markets accessed, and promoting flexibility and reliability. BERGÉ and its principals are committed to the quality and efficiency of their processes with a view to improving the service that they provide to their customers.