• The enrolment period will be open until 14 September. The academic year for this blended learning course will run from 4 October to 14 March.
    • Notable new features of this edition are subjects relating to innovation, as well as legal aspects related to logistics and transport, and a greater focus on internships with companies in the sector.
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Enrolment has now opened for the III edition of the Master’s Degree in Maritime Business and Associated Logistics – run by BERGÉ and the University of Cantabria and starting on 4 October. Up until 14 September, any students and professionals interested in enrolling on the programme will be able to pre-register in the selection process.

BERGÉ has been offering training programmes in conjunction with the University of Cantabria for over 10 years. During this time, around 200 students have studied on its courses at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Náutica [Higher Technical Nautical College] in Santander, linked to the University. Following the success of the first two editions of the Master’s Degree in Maritime Business and Associated Logistics, the syllabus for this new course has been extended to include new aspects on the topics of innovation and trends in Logistics 4.0, legal aspects related to logistics and transport and has a greater focus on completing internships in companies in the sector.

The Master’s programme includes subjects covering everything from financial management and operations procedures to various specific logistics aspects such as loading/unloading vessels and storage facilities, customs clearance, appropriation, shipping agents, brokering and managing popular routes.

The Master’s, led by Professor Carlos Ángel Pérez Labajos, has a total study time of 1500 hours corresponding to 60 credits – 16.2 theory credits and 43.8 practical credits – and is taught both online and in the classroom. The practical credits will include, aside from presenting the end of course project, internships carried out in companies in the sector.

This degree has high academic merit and aims to develop its students’ abilities in an extremely practical environment so that they can respond accordingly to changes in the market. As such, this third edition of the course is a brilliant opportunity, not only for recent graduates looking to build a career in the sector but also for established professionals that want to update and further their knowledge.

Candidates wanting to apply to this Master’s will need to submit a CV and academic record and attend an interview. There is a grants scheme available which would cover up to 75% of the enrolment cost. The course will run until December 2019 (including project and internship).

The University of Cantabria, recognised as the 4th best Spanish University and the 6th most prestigious in the world in the field of maritime engineering, is offering, in collaboration with BERGÉ, a degree with high academic merit in a professional environment that is lacking in specialist training programmes at this level.

The University of Cantabria was built in 1972 and, prior to this date, there were already independent schools that later became part of the University. This is the case of the Escuela de Comercio y Náutica [Business and Nautical School] (currently the Escuela Técnica Superior de Náutica [Higher Technical Nautical College]) created in 1829, which was a pioneer in higher education studies in Cantabria. This experience has consolidated the UC as a leading centre in the maritime sector.