The shipping company Messina Line has named BERGÉ its shipbroker for all of its vessels bound for Spain, having signed a multiannual contract. The agreement reached shall entail looking after and consigning its entire fleet, and took effect as of January when the first ship (Jolly Perla) arrived at the Bergé terminal at Port Nou in Barcelona.

The contract will extend to all of the Spanish ports which the company usually accesses, with 150 vessels arriving per year.

The relationship between BERGÉ and Messina was forged in Barcelona during the 1990’s, through the provision of a loading and unloading service when the shipping line called at Port Nou. The new agreement will strengthen the relationship between both companies through the agency service and promote the creation of synergies between the two groups.

In the maritime sector, Messina Line stands out for having almost 100 years of experience as a charterer, transporting cargo around the world. The company is composed by specialists at transporting RORO and LOLO cargo through its regular shipping line services between the Mediterranean and Africa, or the Middle East and India, operating in more than 50 ports and 40 countries across the globe.

BERGÉ is a leading shipbroker, handling more than 10,000 vessels annually, as well as a benchmark company for the rest of its services and logistics solutions. Boasting more than 150 years’ experience, it is part of Bergé y Compañía and has 27 offices in ports around Spain and France, from which it manages and handles all kinds of goods. It also has a large team of employees dedicated to the clients and their products. BERGÉ has an extensive specialised structure in value-added logistics and outsourcing of processes (transport and storage), port operations (loading, consignment, storage, cruises and customs), integral vehicle logistics (transport, storage, workshop facilities, etc.) and Shipping (freight forwarding, chartering and regular line transit).