• It has a 220,000m2 outdoor storage area and employs over 300 people

BERGÉ VIGÍA, the leading logistics operator for finished vehicles in Colombia, has completed two years of activity, during which it has transported 150,000 vehicles from its two platforms in Santa Marta and Yotoco.

According to BERGÉ VIGÍA Managing Director Sebastián Echeverry, “In these two years the company has managed to become a major contributor to the socioeconomic development of Colombia, generating employment and professional opportunities, as well as developing such an important market as that of automobiles, which represents almost 2% of Colombian GDP.”

In particular, the Yotoco facilities, opened just a year ago, represented the main milestone of the company, managing to increase its service capacity in addition to its Santa Marta platform.

Thus, after these two years, BERGÉ VIGÍA has in place over 220,000m2 of open-air storage, a fleet of over 200 car transporter lorries, capacity for transporting 150,000 vehicles per year, 2,500m2 of workshops, 2 logistics centres and over 300 employees.

BERGÉ VIGÍA is the result of the partnership between Transportes Vigía and BERGÉ. Its aim is to consolidate itself as the leading vehicle logistics operator in Colombia, providing a comprehensive service that ranges from port reception, storage, auxiliary services, workshop services and vehicle transportation, up to delivery at authorised dealers.