The Bergé Vehicle Logistics Business Unit (through Bergé Automotive Logistics) has recently received the renewed certification that identifies it as Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), after a process that was ongoing since last June. In this way, Vehicle Logistics is brought up to speed with the certification already held by other Bergé companies in the area of Port Operations and Shipping.

The title of Authorised Economic Operator is granted to companies that prove they are in a position to apply the strictest and most effective security and safety measures regarding international trade in goods. This makes Bergé a reputable economic operator, one that is trustworthy and reliable for customs operations, and it gives us advantages throughout the whole European Union and in most of the world with regards to customs simplifications and protection. Through the Vehicle Logistics BU, Bergé received its AEO certification in May 2009 and were pioneers in obtaining the certification in Spain.

The most noteworthy benefits offered by the status of AEO include reduced customs controls and deadlines, greater security in the logistics chain and exemption from guarantees, along with greater prestige when accrediting solvency and business management. Fundamental aspects in the management of vehicle loading and unloading, thus speeding up any customs formalities. At present, Bergé has three registered customs warehouses at the Port of Santander, the dry cargo Port of Ciempozuelos and the Port of Tarragona, with the latter handling the most traffic.

The renewal of the AEO certification is a sign of the good management at Bergé, as it is the first re-assessment since the new UCC (Union Customs Code) entered into force. This has resulted in the Spanish State Tax Administration Agency approving the model developed over recent months for said renewal.