• The company incorporates new solutions that improve the agility and traceability of all maritime, air and land transport services and integrate with customer applications

In line with its global technological strategy, BERGÉ will streamline its processes for maritime, air and land transport services with a new freight forwarding solution designed to enable operations that are more accessible and connected with the other links of the logistics chain.

This represents a step forward for BERGÉ in its digitalisation process at every level of the organisation, underpinned by cornerstones that include the standardisation of processes, automation and continuous improvement, i.e., technology as a catalyst for the best operational practices.

Specifically, the new solution—a logistics management software, developed by Bytemaster, that allows freight forwarders to trace and automate all air, land and sea traffic operations and processes—delves more deeply into BERGÉ’s objective.

Furthermore, the solution is fully scalable and can be integrated with the sector’s leading professional platforms, such as Portic, Intra, GtNexus, WebCargo and GTD AirFreight Solutions. And it is also fully integrated with BERGÉ’s own SAP financial system for customer and supplier management. This new, user-friendly solution can be adapted to customers’ own systems, facilitating full connectivity with their business applications.

As a freight forwarder, BERGÉ annually handles 150,000 tonnes of sea freight, 10,000 TEUs and 80,000 kg of air cargo. BERGÉ manages maritime transport (containers, conventional, roll-on/roll-off and special cargo, as well as storage), land transport (national and international, special, feasibility studies and authorisations, security), air transport as an IATA agent (hand deliveries, perishable cargo, dangerous goods) and customs services (AEO certificate, company offices in ports of origin and destination).