• The institute under the umbrella of the National Ports Agency of Morocco will promote training and technical visits from professionals at Bergé terminals throughout Spain.

Bergé and the National Ports Agency of Morocco signed a collaboration agreement today aimed at implementing professional training plans via the Moroccan Port Training Institute. The National Ports Agency aims to encourage training and specialisation in the area of port management and logistics, supporting the growth of this sector in the country.

The agreement, signed in Casablanca by Nadia Laraki, Managing Director of the National Ports Agency; and Thierry Rocaries, Managing Director of Port Operations at Bergé, will lead to the exchange of professionals and technical visits to Spanish ports where the company operates. Bergé has specialised terminals for vehicles, bulk agro-food products (grain, fertilisers, etc.) and industrial products (coal, minerals); steel and metal products, as well as terminals for “Project Cargo”.

These technical visits will provide ANP professionals with the opportunity to further their training in logistics platform and dry port management, safety and protection, port administration and operation, as well as port infrastructure management.

The agreement has the support of the Bergé y Compañía International Talent Programme, an initiative seeking to foster bilateral cooperation with several countries to train young professionals in the port sector. Thanks to this agreement with the Port Training Institute of Morocco, the international programme, which until now was solely based on agreements with universities in Japan and Korea, broadens its scope of action and extends into Africa.

From this perspective, the collaboration agreement will give both parties the opportunity to boost port development in line with the reality of each one of the countries. The ANP and Bergé believe that the global port industry has become an important lever for competitiveness that entails adapting to the new demands of import and export-oriented industries.

The ANP NATIONAL PORTS AGENCY is the authority and body responsible for regulating the Moroccan port system in accordance with Law 15-02. The Agency gathers the entire port community to discuss common goals. It strives to create a competitive port environment that fosters equitable and sustainable development, characterised by solid expertise, efficiency, transparency and good governance, while guaranteeing safe and premium services.