• The logistics sector is affected by 5% of all ransomware attacks in Spain (data kidnapping).

Over 375,000 cyber incidents are recorded in Spain each year. More specifically, according to the Aiuken Cybersecurity Observatory, the logistics sector is targeted by 5% of all ransomware attacks (also known as data kidnapping) in Spain. As part of its preparations to protect itself against the threats that these pose, and in the framework of its continuous improvement policy, BERGÉ has been awarded certification in the ISO 27001 international standard for information security management systems.

This achievement acknowledges the fact that the company has implemented a series of technical, organisational and legal measures to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of its information. What’s more, as part of this standard, the company commits to continuously evaluating the risks to which it is exposed and to constantly improving its management system.
BERGÉ is currently actively driving cybersecurity activities throughout the company, thus proactively and periodically identifying risks, monitoring them and responding to them, and even performing audits in order to pinpoint and mitigate possible vulnerabilities.

Amidst the increased digitalisation of the logistical operations and the logistics 4.0 boom, such a plan is a fundamental step to protecting one of the economy’s strategic sectors, alongside healthcare and banking, which are precisely the ones most at risk and which require greater attention and investment.

As a result, the company has done everything it can to acquire all the resources necessary to mitigate risks and incorporate cybersecurity into its operations, thus protecting all BERGÉ stakeholders, whatever part of the logistics process they are involved in.