Over the next few days, members of the National Ports Agency – ANP of Morocco will visit the BERGÉ facilities in Spain as part of the 2nd Training Programme, which was agreed between both institutions.

The Port Training Institute of Morocco, part of the National Ports Agency, will also take part in the event. This will help to reinforce the joint collaboration project the logistics operator has in place with its neighbouring company to enhance training and the specialisation of workers in the field of port management and logistics.

The aim is to share its experience in strategical matters such as managing logistics platforms and dry ports and the port infrastructure as a whole. It also works towards improving security and risk prevention in ports, efficiency, innovation and making further progress with digitalization. Regarding the latter, BERGÉ leads the Estiba+ 2022 Project which involves the development of industry 4.0 technology to offer a highly-automated logistics system.

During their stay in Spain, the Moroccan delegation will visit the BERGÉ facilities including the headquarters and the ports in Barcelona, Tarragona, Bilbao and Santander. These terminals are specialised in handling vehicles, bulk agro-food products, bulk industrial products, and steel products as well as “Project Cargo”. They will also see the headquarters and vehicles logistics centre of the new company BERGÉ GEFCO in Ciempozuelos, Madrid.

In this way, BERGÉ, through its Port Operations business unit, and in collaboration with the State Ports (part of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport) and the Port Authorities visited, will offer a comprehensive overview of the Spanish ports system and its development plan for turning the port industry into a significant competitive asset.