BERGÉ will take an active part in the biggest national event in the cereals sector which will be held in Zaragoza. Here, it will present its services and solutions including port management (loading and unloading of ships), storage, together with both land and sea transportation.

This event comes at a time when BERGÉ is gaining an ever more substantial position in the agri-food sector, managing on average around 7.5 million tonnes per year at its 26 ports in Spain and Bayonne (France).

At the same time, BERGÉ has increased its logistics capacity in this sector with the launch of its new terminal in the Port of Huelva a few months ago, with storage space for up to 78,000 tonnes. These facilities are at a key location due to the strategic positioning of this port connecting Spain to America and Africa while also acting as a gateway to the Mediterranean.

The company now holds 69,000 square metres of space in Huelva, which can be added to over 420,000 square metres it owns in its branches throughout the country.

The whole operations design process means that goods can pass through the port in the most efficient way possible, with use of automated procedures for greater performance. The company also applies the strictest security and traceability controls, as well as measures to increase sustainability and care for the environment.

BERGÉ therefore offers the agri-food sector a wide geographical network and storage capacity, along with efficient and traceable procedures which benefit clients who seek cost optimisation. All this, endorsed by the food safety certifications GMP+, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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