• Operations have begun in the new Terminal 2 at the docks of Santurce, which will be used as a model for the other ports where BERGÉ is based

BERGÉ, a leading logistics operator, has begun operations in its new automated terminal project in the port of Bilbao, which will be used as a model for the other ports around Spain where the company is based.

Located in Terminal 2 of the docks at Santurce, this infrastructure uses extremely advanced technology with the aim of reducing waiting times and improving the experience of clients, shipowners, manufacturers and companies that ship and receive goods. However, in addition to streamlining the process, it helps to comply with the recommendations of the Covid19 protocol in terms of social distancing and reducing how often we need to touch surfaces with our hands.

The terminal can be accessed via two separate entrances, one for private vehicles, employees and visitors and another that has wheel stops for lorries. Both have technology for controlling and monitoring the arrival and departure of industrial vehicles and using scales to weigh goods, automatically issuing delivery notes and “just in time” information.

Another improvement is the incorporation of a new ERP system for managing cargo. This will initially be applied to goods in units but will be extended to other products in the future.

These new installations represent BERGÉ’s response to the requirements of the new Union Customs Code (UCC) and their way of offering improved security for individuals and the cargo in their keeping, applying AEO standards (Authorised Economic Operator).

Similarly, and as part of its Management System, BERGÉ ensures standards of quality, environmental care, and health and safety at work in all its processes, monitoring every KPI in order to offer the best possible service. In this respect, it improves the information provided about emergencies and requests a commitment to comply with Workplace Risk Assessment regulations, all before entering the facilities.

BERGÉ has a total of three terminals in the port of Bilbao that handle almost 4 million tonnes of cargo and consign 800 vessels a year.

This investment, together with the collaboration with the engineering company IDOM and the Port Authority of Bilbao, provides a closed and exclusive area for its clients, with more than 125,000 m² outdoor space and 36,000 m² closed storage area, divided into six spaces. Of particular interest is the 7,500 m² semi-automated area with overhead cranes at warehouse number 2 on jetty 2. It improves the maintenance of the reels inside and ensures a more efficient service for clients.