• Deferring import VAT can only be requested in November and will take effect from 1 January 2021

BERGÉ, through its Customs area, is promoting deferring import VAT payments in order to help companies simplify procedures and avoid financing costs, thereby streamlining these operations at a time when there has been a downturn in economic activity due to the pandemic.

BERGÉ would like to highlight that this can only be requested in November and would take effect from 1 January 2021. To do so, companies must complete and submit Form 036 through the Spanish Tax Agency’s Electronic Office, meaning they would not need to pay this tax directly to Customs and then deduct it in their VAT self-assessment form.

This may be of benefit to companies that pay this tax monthly, whether because they are considered a large company for the purposes of VAT, because they are registered in the Monthly Refund Register (REDEME) or because they qualify for the special arrangement for group companies.

BERGÉ Customs would like to inform companies importing goods that the Spanish Tax Agency’s Electronic Office offers a service called Consult VAT on imports with deferred payment that provides information about the deferred amount of VAT for each period and the current status of these payments. It is imperative to check that the imports coincide with those registered by the Spanish Tax Agency in order to avoid discrepancies that could increase the payments to be made by the company by 20%.

Furthermore, taxpayers that pay VAT to multiple Administrations (central and regional) and that have chosen to apply for this arrangement should include in full the amount of import VAT charged by Customs in Form 303 to be submitted to the Spanish Tax Agency.

Finally, BERGÉ would like to stress that deferring import VAT payments may be a very important measure in the face of BREXIT by allowing companies involved in international trade with the United Kingdom to speed up VAT payments at the border, avoid long queues and, ultimately, make their activity easier.