• The company completes the first phase of loading almost 300 wind turbines bound for Sweden, after having provided consignment and stowage services for 10 vessels over the last six months

BERGÉ is participating in the development of the largest onshore wind farm in Europe and has now completed the first phase of the project with the tenth shipment of more than 250 sections of wind turbines to Sweden.

Over the last six months, BERGÉ has provided consignment services for 10 vessels and stowed sections of wind turbines (approx. 20,700 tonnes) for Enercon from the Armament Dock in Seville. It is the first phase of the project from this port specialised in logistics in the wind industry and the movement of large structures.

These wind turbines are part of the Markbygden project which will cover 45,000 hectares and provide around 4,000 megawatts of clean energy per year. The park is being built on the outskirts of Piteå city on the north coast of Sweden, a country which is expecting wind energy production to double in the next three years, according to the Swedish Wind Energy Association.

BERGÉ’s logistics service related to renewable energies is part of its wide portfolio of services and project cargo solutions which include everything from towers, blades and wind turbines to boilers, transformers, electrical equipment and trains, offering a door-to-door service for all types of sectors.

To do so, BERGÉ has the best technical means, cranes, machinery with a high load capacity and a large team of experienced professionals in order to successfully carry out this type of technically difficult operation (parts such as these are 40 metres long and weigh up to 80 tonnes) in any of the Spanish ports where it carries out this activity.

One of these is the Port of Seville which regularly handles project cargo because of the large area available for establishing production centres and collecting large pieces. So much so that, due to the good projections for the development of this type of traffic, the Seville Port Authority has begun to extend the Armament Quay, which will mean adapting 17,000 square metres of the dock for moving goods, especially project cargo.