According to the latest “DRY BULK TERMINALS VETTING REPORT FOR 2017” released by the Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO), which analyses the best performing dry bulk terminals, Santander and Bilbao in Spain and Quebec in Canada are ranked as the top three ports worldwide.

Terminals where Bergé has been traditionally operating since it was founded in 1870. As a logistics operator, Bergé holds and operates 1.2 million tons in Santander, over 40% of which are agri-food products. In terms of bulk, Bergé also managed 1.2 tons in Bilbao in 2017 and more than one million in agri-food products either directly or indirectly.

BIMCO is the largest international maritime association with 2,100 members in more than 120 countries, made up of shipowners, operators, agents and many other stakeholders in the maritime sector.

The Santander terminal, in all of the categories, and the Bilbao terminal, were two of the best rated in the report. The terminals and ports were evaluated on how well they performed in bulk traffic operations and the results were included in the report. This involved asking shipowners to answer 36 questions divided into 5 key categories to gain an overview of the port performance:

  1. Port accessibility: Berthing, mooring and ship services
  2. Services offered by the port terminal
  3. Equipment available at the port terminal
  4. Access to and exchange of information with the port terminal
  5. Efficiency and quality of cargo loading and unloading services.

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