• It will process daily orders by computer and calculate the optimal picking routes

BERGÉ continues to grow in added-value logistics as it commences the management of a new platform in A Coruña of one of the main supermarket chains in Spain, which will cover the areas of Galicia, Asturias and the northeast of Castilla y León and see the transportation of thousands of units per day.

As such, BERGÉ will manage the stock, process the orders by computer that the facility receives every day, calculate and optimise the picking routes, handle the orders of shops and manage the re-supply of products.

BERGÉ undertakes warehouse logistics with integrated 4.0 solutions adapted to each client, covering the entire value chain regardless of the corresponding sector. Since the start of the pandemic, it has put into operation three logistical centres to boost retail and ecommerce, making itself a retail partner and helping them to expand their business, while also turning the company’s strategy to commit to this sector into a reality.

In fact, the successive investments of distributors in logistics are justified by the need to support its store growth and online sales boom, which require greater capacity and flow to supply points of sale and consumers in the so-called last mile. That’s where BERGÉ comes in, with close solutions adapted to the daily supply needs of distributors to cover physical and digital channels.