BERGÉ has made new investments in machinery, warehouses and equipment for handling bulk agri-food products and fertilisers in its logistics centre at the port of Cartagena, which opened this same week. BERGÉ is the leading logistics operator in agri-food products throughout the whole of the Levante area.

From this week on, BERGÉ will have a new warehouse, measuring 11,000 m2, for storing agri-food products. The 26-metre-high installation will mainly be used for storing cereals and plant-based flours and has the capacity to hold 85,000 tonnes.

These new installations add to the purchase of a new Gottwald mobile harbour crane with a lifting capacity of up to 128 tonnes, a new dual hopper (top surface area 9 x 10 m and height 9 m) and eight hydraulic discharge doors, to facilitate the loading of lorries by the side of the ship. BERGÉ has also expanded its portfolio of harbour aids, which now includes a new VOLVO loader, a VERSTEGEN grab with 45.5 m3 capacity and three new steel GRANALU tipper trailers, each with an internal useable volume of 47.4 m3.

This increase in capacity at Cartagena is part of a new plan for updating, optimising investments and improving productive resources that BERGÉ is carrying out in its various logistics centres and branches, with Cartagena being a key centre on the Mediterranean coastline.

With these new investments and improvements, BERGÉ becomes one of the most important operators in the port of Cartagena, giving its clients access to more than 46,000 m2 warehouse space, 2 cranes and 7 machines for the proper management of products.