BERGÉ is responsible for loading the first train of bulk agro-alimentary products at the new Aragón dock loading point, in the port of Tarragona.

It has been more than 15 years since Bergé last loaded trains at this port and the operation was a total success. The train departed for Zuero (Zaragoza) with almost 900 tonnes of soya flour, distributed throughout 17 wagons.

The rail transportation of agro-alimentary products has proved to be a more sustainable and competitive solution compared to road transport. As a result, this new service opens up a great opportunity for Bergé, as it can offer clients the possibility of this service from any point of the docks used for these products (Castilla and Aragón). These activities will be performed by means of storage in silos or transport by road or railroad.

This rail service serves to reinforce the agro-alimentary products logistics services in this area, driven by the Port Authority of Tarragona, strengthening key destinations such as Huesca and Zaragoza for this port sector.