• The ESTIBA+ 2022 initiative develops industry 4.0 technologies for the digitalization of ports and provides highly automated logistics.

BERGÉ, through the business department of its Port Operations, is leading the ESTIBA+ 2022 project for the development of 4.0 industry technology to digitalize the Spanish ports through highly automated logistics known as Smart Digital Ports.

The project, with an estimated investment of €5m and financed by the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI in Spanish), principally aims to develop the use of strategic technology in the port of the future (Smart Port) to satisfy the growing demands for efficiency, rentability, safety and environmental safety; all in line with the ‘Industry 4.0’ concept which is based on leading automation technology.

The ESTIBA+ 2022 project, led by BERGÉ, also benefits from the participation of companies such as Celsa, Dachser, Ficosa, Retevisión, ProDevelop and Eurohelp, as well as other research organizations such as Tecnalia, Insia, and the Biomechanics Institute of Valencia.

The CDTI as a Public Business Enterprise (under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities) has approved this initiative for the port industry in its CIEN Strategical Programme meeting as it considers it to be highly competitive. The aim of the CIEN programme is focused on financing large industrial research projects developed in effective partnership which are aimed at executing planned research in strategical areas of future and potential international significance.

ESTIBA+ 2022 is born out of the need to respond to the challenges of optimizing port space, port operating times, transport costs and productivity levels, as well as maximizing the flows of stevedoring, physical resources, natural resources and reducing the impact on the environment and the carbon dioxide footprint. Moreover, it aims to achieve a highly automated port in which all the devices and assets of the ports are connected (Internet of Things) and which also allows the different agents to operate interactively: cranes, lorries and dockers. All this, together with furthering the development of the ‘Smart Port’ concept, closely linked to the cities where they are located (Smart Cities).

In this regard, the role of BERGÉ as leader of the ESTIBA+ 2022 project (which will last for 4 years) will consist, among other things, of managing, coordinating and leading all work teams; defining reference use cases associated with the ports or living labs; undertaking environmental tests and quantifying the impact deriving from the implementation of the project. Finally, it will also establish the guidelines as it is progressively put into action.