• The company will operate eight services up to 21 May in an effort to maintain support for the industry’s import and export processes.
  • The departures from Bilbao and Amberes will be bound for the ports of Halifax (Canada), New York, Baltimore and Portsmouth.

As a leading logistics operator, BERGÉ is taking steps to ensure that its services remain operational with a view to supporting supply chains to North America. To this end, it is ramping up support for the regular shipping lines of Grimaldi and ACL to this region, in spite of the crisis caused by coronavirus, based on weekly departures from the ports of Bilbao and Amberes bound for the ports of Halifax (Canada), New York, Baltimore and Portsmouth (US).

In this regard, the next scheduled departures involve four services from Bilbao on 27 April and on 5, 12 and 19 May, and a further four from the Belgian port of Amberes on 1, 8, 14 and 21 May. This initiative seeks to support the import and export processes of all manner of industries and to ensure that supply chains can continue to function.

These departures supplement the services provided by Grimaldi on the East Coast of South America, the West Coast of Africa, the Mediterranean, Mexico and the Gulf of Mexico; as well as those offered by ACL at other ports throughout North America and the UK, such as Norfolk.

In fact, in addition to these regular routes to the US and Canada, BERGÉ is using ships which have requested a port call to maintain its port logistics activity and has even boosted its consignment and dialogue services to effectively coordinate the services it provides at the 26 Spanish ports to a wide range of business sectors.

Moreover, it has boosted its storage, stock management, transport and freight forwarding services, predominantly for the international air transport of all manner of goods.

The ability of BERGÉ to provide these services is based on a business continuity plan which applies to the whole logistics chain, including shipping services (freight forwarding, chartering and regular line management), value-added logistics (protection of supply chains, management of transport, warehouses, outsourcing of processes) port operations (consignment and stevedoring services), customs management and vehicle logistics.