• The logistics operator strengthens its ‘offshore’ business by currently providing ship agency and logistics services to several offshore rigs and support vessels.

BERGÉ, a leading logistics operator, has boosted its “offshore” business activities with several projects already in the pipeline as a shipping agent and logistic provider of oil rigs. This activity predominantly takes place in the Canary Islands, which has now confirmed its status as a global hub for the repair of large vessels and oil rigs.

These projects cover a wide range of rig types, both semi-submersible, drillship and fixed. The most prominent projects already in the pipeline concern the provision of logistics, storage and port operations services for the fixed oil rig “Casablanca” operated by REPSOL in Tarragona, the drillship “Maersk Venturer” of MAERSK DRILLING, and the semi-submersible drilling rig “Scarabeo 9” of the Italian operator SAIPEM in the port of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where it has been berthed for repair and maintenance purposes following three years of operation in the Black Sea.

Likewise, BERGÉ has recently provided its services to the semi-submersible drilling rig “Maersk Discoverer”, also from MAERSK DRILLING, in its recent technical stops in the ports of Algeciras and Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, and to the support vessels “EDT Jane” of EDT Offshore and “Energy Scout” of Golden Energy Offshore Services.

BERGÉ notes that there is a requirement for oil rigs to be reviewed every five years and to be adapted to meet operational needs so that, for instance, their structures are able to withstand any kind of adverse conditions and their critical points are securely protected.

Moreover, there is a growing trend to develop platforms in such a way that they are suited to the marine environment, with a view to minimising their environmental impact and promoting the sustainable growth of this business activity against a backdrop of a booming blue economy, i.e. a trend that recognises the importance of seas as an economic engine in view of their great potential for innovation and growth.

BERGÉ specialises in the shipping agency business of all manner of vessels. It is active at 26 ports; every year, it deals with 10,000 vessels from various sectors and of varying characteristics. In respect of its “offshore” business, which began in 2006 and has since covered more than fifteen projects, it provides national and international coverage, establishes logistical bases wherever they are needed, includes dock repair services and any services that ships require during their port stopover 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

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