• BERGÉ is working on an advisory and consultancy plan in order to meet market main operators’ requirements and its development.
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) will be one of the main options to comply with the new regulations which will come into force in 2020 reducing the use of sulphur in marine fuels.

Madrid, May 2018.- In view of the entry into force – in January 2020 – of the new regulation of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) which will limit to 0.5% the use of Sulphur in marine fuels, the liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) will become one of the main options to comply with the new law.

To this end, BERGÉ through its Shipping Business Unit, is positioned as a leading broker and consultant in LNG Services. For that purpose, during last years it has been working on an advisory and consultancy plan in order to meet market main operators’ requirements and its development.

LNG market represents a 10% of the global gas supply and it is the fastest-growing fuel. Additionally, it has become the cleanest and the most sustainable option particularly to propel large vessels and cruises which cross over seas.

Traditionally, BERGÉ Shipbrokers has been a key operator with wide experience in management services supply, brokering and consultancy in the natural gas industry. This position is now reinforced looking ahead to the new legislation, searching its commitment and support to the LNG market development in consultancy services. It plans the small-scale LNG supply operations as a marine fuel, handles the design of supply barges and the re-motoring analysis for both vessels and establishments on land.

It also manages fleet operations for third parties, calls in any port around the world, as well as the day to day of large tankers for their clients and strategical partners. In the fields of the intermediation, it has led chartering operations, new shipbuilding agreements, and even trip-chartering for LNG vessels operators.

Due to the strategic Spanish situation in the gas world market, BERGÉ is also a leading operator in the Iberian Peninsula, Canary Islands and, by extension, in the Mediterranean Sea, rest of Europe and Baltic and Black Sea markets.

In this regard, BERGÉ is present in 27 Spanish ports of general interest, keeps a close relationship with the main marine fuels suppliers in Spain and Portugal rendering services to shipowners and operators. Yearly it manages around 300 calls of LNG/LPG vessels, rendering ports services in this industry and also in international calls. Through BERGÉ Shipbrokers it intermediates in sales and purchase of more of 50.000 tons of fuel per year.

BERGÉ is the leading intermodal logistic operator in Spain.

It has a broad structure specialized in Port Operations, Vehicle Integrated Logistics, Value Added Logistics and Shipping.

Through its Shipping business unit, it offers different services from its offices located in Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona such as Forwarding, Chartering and Liner Services. Furthermore, BERGÉ is present in 27 Spanish ports from where it can provide complete service to third ports. Annually it manages more than 30 million tons, 900 charter operations, 9 million freight tons and more than 1.000 calls.

It offers solutions for the whole logistics chain for all kind of cargoes, such as bulk (dry and liquid), containers and Project cargo (Breakbulk) performing all the necessary operations for transporting any cargo.

It is a member of BERGÉ y Compañía, founded in Bilbao in 1870. Nowadays the Group is present in 9 countries and has 4,500 employees.