• With the capacity to store 78,000 tonnes of cargo, the new 11,700 m² facilities make operations quicker and more sustainable

BERGÉ opened a new automated terminal for bulk cargo in its outer port in Huelva in a ceremony attended by the President of the Port Authority in Huelva, María del Pilar Miranda, the Chairman of BERGÉ, Jaime Gorbeña and its CEO, Juan Aguirre.

This marks the start of a new phase in BERGÉ’s activity in the Port of Huelva, whose new facilities improve unloading, transport, weighing and storage operations for goods from bulk carriers.

It also minimises crane manoeuvring times, increases the storage capacity of the current surface area and enables more efficient movement around the port, allowing BERGÉ to offer customers a more modern and competitive terminal in which productivity, sustainability, efficiency and safety are key.

This investment in the Port of Huelva is evidence of BERGÉ’s commitment to Huelva as a main entry point for goods in the south of Spain, as well as to a sector as strategic as the agri-food sector, where it is a leading logistics operator for these products, handling an average of 7.5 million tonnes per year in its 26 ports in Spain and Bayonne (France).

A comprehensive design

The new terminal project has required the previous facility to be redesigned. To do this, an 11,700 m² warehouse has been built with four silos and a storage capacity of 78,000 tonnes for all types of bulk agri-food.

In addition to the new terminal, BERGÉ has built two separate 2,250 m² warehouses in its facilities, with a capacity of 10,000 tonnes of goods each.

One of the highlights of the terminal is the guarantee that it will operate safely and sustainably, as it is designed to be environmentally friendly, with less visual impact and a reduction in volatile dust and CO2 emissions. This is the result of the effort that BERGÉ has been making in its processes to apply best practices in its technical and human teams and thereby reduce its environmental footprint and save energy.

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