BERGÉ GEFCO, a leader in automotive logistics in Iberia, has received the highest certification as an Authorised Economic Operator Full (AEOF) for simplification, protection and customs security. A certification required by the European Union (EU) according to the Customs Code of the Union.

A reliable and trustworthy economic operator in the international supply chain

This certification generates certain advantages in the European Union and a large part of the world in terms of customs simplifications and protection in the management of vehicle logistics, which benefit all the brands working with the group.

Specifically, this AEOF status allows for greater flexibility in the necessary customs controls, a reduction in the necessary delivery times and greater security of the supply chain. It also waivers some guarantees and gives greater prestige through the accreditation of the solvency and management of the company. All of these features are fundamental in loading and unloading management of vehicles and speed up customs procedures.

BERGÉ GEFCO has two logistics centres in the port of Santander and the port of Tarragona with customs warehousing authorization, the latter being the one with the most incoming and outgoing vehicle traffic in Iberia.

This AEOF accreditation, granted after an ongoing process since last October, was managed by Bergé Aduanas, which took charge of preparing and obtaining it as part of its consulting activity in addition to being a customs representative.

While BERGÉ GEFCO now has the new AEOF certification, Bergé Automotive Logistics (BAL), has had this certification since May 2009, so had GEFCO. Bergé Automotive Logistics (BAL) is the company that took part to the Joint Venture with GEFCO FVL, the two companies being pioneers in obtaining the certification in Spain, thus proving their ability to implement the most rigorous and effective security measures in the international trade of goods.