BERGÉ GEFCO, the leading logistics operator for finished vehicles in Spain, has just joined the Lean&Green initiative, promoted by AECOC to minimise the impact of logistics processes on greenhouse gas emissions. A project that now celebrates two years in which it has managed to incorporate 37 leading companies committed to the goal of the program, which is to reduce emissions by 20% in the next five years.

The project has accelerated its growth in the last quarter thanks to the incorporation of new members such as Correos, HMY, Iveco, Puerto de Barcelona and Volkswagen Group España Distribucion.

After joining Lean&Green, the companies undertake the commitment to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in their logistics activities, first presenting an action plan and, finally, the results obtained, which are audited by EY (Ernst&Young), which certifies the validity of both processes.

After joining the project, companies must calculate the carbon footprint of their logistical processes, which serves as the benchmark that determines whether the reduction target set in the five-year time frame has been achieved. The measures presented by companies to reduce their emissions focus on transport and storage and include processes such as training in efficient driving, introduction of new fuels, optimisation of vehicles and routes, centralisation of logistics platforms or the installation of LED lights in warehouses and the purchase of electricity from renewable sources.

In addition, the project allows companies to join a broad collaborative network in which debate is encouraged, good practices are shared, and possible synergies are identified between the different links in the supply chain to establish strategies to reduce CO2 emissions in logistics processes. Lean&Green is a European initiative, led in Spain by AECOC, and also active in Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland.