BERGÉ, the leading Spanish logistics operator and the Colombian group, Transportes Vigía, have joined forces to create the company BERGÉ VIGÍA to strengthen their position as the leading logistics operator of finished vehicles in Colombia. BERGÉ VIGÍA will start activity on 1 February under the leadership of the Colombian, Sebastián Echeverry as CEO; the current Corporate Vice-president of the Vigía Group.

This new company has risen from the fusion of the vehicle transport business of the Vigía Group and BERGÉ, owner of the Carport logistics warehousing centres and integral vehicle services in the cities of Santa Marta and Yotoco, Colombia. Its mission is to offer an integral logistics service to car assemblers, importers and dealers in the Colombian market, offering services which include storage, transport, delivery and the development of new related services.
For Jaime Gorbeña, president of Bergé and Company, this move means “implementing a new model of logistics management for the automotive sector through our leading partner in Colombia, integrating all the capabilities we have been successfully developing up until now”.

Gonzalo Echeverry, President of Transportes Vigía, shared this company’s enthusiasm claiming they are “very excited and confident about the new era which is about to begin and positive that working together in a new partnership will lead to better results”.

By fusing their skills, experience and resources, BERGÉ VIGÍA stands to significantly increase its capacity for transport, warehousing and stock management to suit clients and will enhance its value proposition in the Colombian market, which happens to be among the fastest growing in Latin America. Clients will benefit from a greater warehousing capacity through the integration of BERGÉ areas (Carports in Santa Marta and Yotoco) with an extensive pool of vehicle carrier trailers and the experienced team of executives, operators and drivers of Transportes Vigía.

The new company currently has more than 120,000 m2 of service at its disposal for the management of inventories/storage, a fleet of more than 200 vehicle carrier trailers, capacity to transport 140,000 automobiles a year, 2,500 m2 workshop space, 2 logistics centres and more than 200 employees.

New services for an evolving market

BERGÉ VIGÍA will cover all the logistical needs of both new vehicles and renting. The solutions it offers include transport, warehousing, technical services, inspections, reconditioning, delivery, administrative services and fleet management.

It will also offer a wide portfolio of logistics solutions to current and potential clients of both companies, which will allow them to better process the large volumes of activity thanks to the use of exclusive resources.

To satisfy the growing demand with opportunity and quality service, the new company will focus its attention on developing facilities which adapt to the needs of the industry and place current clients in a better position to face seasonality and offer a better range of specially-tailored solutions.

The development of new technological tools and platforms will be another of the focal points of BERGÉ VIGÍA (integration of systems, digitalisation and traceability) to anticipate the future needs of its clients.