• The two organisations will organise talks in Professional Training Schools to recruit talent and identify mentors in the company for the students, among other activities.

BERGÉ and the Spanish Maritime Institute (IME) have signed an agreement for training and attracting talent. Both entities have set up a partnership geared towards generating young talent with profiles in line with business needs.

Among the activities proposed, BERGÉ has promised to include the IME in its training programme, create a continuous flow of interns within the company, identify company figures who could mentor students, and organise talks on IME courses, Professional Training schools and universities to recruit talent.

BERGÉ and the IME will enhance their commitment to teaching in the logistics sector and take their partnership to the next level. In fact, both companies already developed a streaming course on international customs management at the start of the year. The agreement falls within the company’s initiative to work with society by educating new professionals. The institute is delighted to improve its work in offering a wide range of professional opportunities in the maritime/logistics sector to the younger generation.

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