• The investment plan will also incorporate terminals and infrastructure over the next few years.

BERGÉ has purchased two Liebherr cranes as part of the modernization and machinery renovation drive it is involved in which forms part of an ambitious investment programme for the next few years which will also cover terminals and infrastructure. The aim is to achieve more efficient and sustainable operations to benefit clients and make its ports more competitive.

The cranes acquired are LHM550 models and benefit the environment through a significant reduction in emissions, using 26 % less fuel, as well as featuring mechanical insulation measures to minimize noise, thus reducing the noise pollution in the work area.

The LHM550 boast 54 metres reach and a maximum load capacity of 144 tons, which make them ideal for moving bulk products, steel products and project cargo.
They also come with LiDAT Smart App Maintenance, a program which offers real time insight on the state of the equipment and its performance to guarantee that they are in perfect operating conditions, therefore needing less maintenance work and increasing their availability.

BERGÉ, with a presence in 26 ports in Spain, Mexico and Colombia, offers a wide portfolio of logistics and transport services and solutions working in a range of sectors such as agro-alimentary and fertilisers, paper, steel, automotive, e-commerce and food distribution, among others. Per year, the company moves 30 million tons of goods, 7.5 million agro-alimentary products and handles 10,000 vessels.